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Takbirat al-Ihram

أبواب تكبيرة الإحرام والافتتاح

Chapters on the takbirat al-ihram and the opening (al-iftitah)

Chapter 1 -  Its obligatoriness and its method

Chapter 4 - Sufficiency of a single takbira for the follower in haste to enter into salat behind the imam when he is in ruku`

Chapter 5 - The obligatory and recommended takbirat in the five prayers are ninety five takbira, from it the takbirat of the qunut are five

Chapter 7 - Desirability of opening the salat with seven takbirat, and the permissibility of harmonizing the intention (an-niyya) with whichever one wants and to make it the takbirat al-ihram, and the permissibility of limiting it to five and three and one.

Chapter 8 - Desirability of separating between the seven takbirat, thrice then twice then twice, and raising the hands with every takbir, and the transmitted du`a during it and after it, and the isti`adha after that.

Chapter 9 -  Desirability of raising the hands with the obligatory and recommended takbir, in front of (or, opposite) one’s cheeks until it adjoins one’s ears with the palms of the hands facing the qibla, and the emphasis of desirability for the imam

Chapter 10 - Dislike of increasing the raising of the hands with the takbir until they go past the ears

Chapter 11 - Some recommended sayings after the takbirat al-ihram