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Ta`qib - What is done after the salat is completed

أبواب التعقيب وما يناسبه

Chapters on the Ta`qeeb and What is Befitting it

Chapter 5 - Desirability of opting for du`a after the farida over doing nafila salat

Chapter 6 - Superiority of prolonging the du`a in salat over prolonging the recitation

Chapter 14 - Desirability of raising the hands over the head at the finishing of the salat, and takbir thrice, and du`a by what has been handed down

Chapter 19 - Desirability of cursing the enemies of the religion by their names after the salat

Chapter 20 - Desirability of the two testimonies and the affirmation of (belief in) the Imams عليهم السلام after every salat

Chapter 29 - Desirability of reciting al-Ikhlas twelve times after every obligatory salat, and stretching forth the hands and raising them to Heaven (the sky) and supplicating by the transmitted du`a

Chapter 36 - Dislike of sleep (during) what is between the rising of dawn (tulu` al-fajr) and the rising of the sun (tulu` ash-shams) and its non-forbiddance, and the desirability of occupying oneself during that time with worship and du`a