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أبواب التشهد

Chapters on the Tashahhud

Chapter 1 - Obligatoriness of sitting for it, and the desirability of its being upon the left side, and placing the right foot upon the left, and that the woman conjoins hers thighs, and the dislike of iq`aa (sitting with the buttocks resting upon the two heels)

Chapter 2 - Permissibility of doing tashahhud while standing when due to the necessity of taqiyya and other than it

Chapter 3 - Method of tashahhud

Chapter 4 - The minimum tashahhud being the two testimonies

Chapter 5 - Desirability of doing tahmid (saying al-Hamdu lillaah) prior to the tashahhud, and du`a prior to it and after it with the transmitted (du`as) or with whatever is easy

Chapter 6 - Desirability for the imam to recite the tashahhud and all of the adhkar (pl. of dhikr) aloud, the dislike of reciting aloud for the follower

Chapter 7 - Non-nullification of the salat by forgetting the tashahhud until one does ruku` in the third (rak`at), and the obligatoriness of doing its qada after the taslim, and the sujud of sahw, and its (i.e. the salat’s) nullification by abandoning it (the tashahhud) on purpose

Chapter 8 - Permissibility of going back after the ruku` in the witr for one who forgot the tashahhud until he does ruku`, then he stands up and completes (the salat)

Chapter 9 - Obligatoriness of sitting for the tashahhud when one has forgotten it then remembered it prior to doing ruku` in the third (rak`at), and to do sujud for forgetfulness.

Chapter 10 - Obligatoriness of the prayer upon Muhammad and his family in the tashahhud, and the nullification of the salat by leaving it off on purpose

Chapter 11 - Desirability of doing tasbih seven (times) after the first tashahhud

Chapter 12 - Dislike of saying “tabaaraka ‘smuka wa ta`aala jadduka” in the tashahhud, and the impermissibility of doing taslim prior to the end (of the salat)

Chapter 13 - The rule of someone who forgot the tashahhud until he had a hadath (i.e. his wudu was broken)

Chapter 14 - It is recommended to say when standing up from the tashahhud “biHawlillaahi wa quwwatihi aqoomu wa aq`ud” (by the power and strength of Allah I stand and I sit) or do takbir.