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Things that break salat

أبواب قواطع الصلاة ومايجوز فيها

Chapters on the Things that Break the Salat and What is Permissible in it

Chapter 1 - When one’s wudu is broken during the salat

Chapter 4 - Nothing passing in front of the praying person breaks his salat

Chapter 5 - Crying in the salat

Chapter 6 - Closing one’s eyes during the salat

Chapter 7 - Laughter in the salat

Chapter 10 - Casting a stone at a person or animal during the salat, listening to talk, and repeating and recalling the qunut, the tashahhud and qira’a

Chapter 15 - Impermissibility of takfeer (lit. covering), and it is the positioning of one hand upon the other in salat, and the impermissibility of doing a lot of action within it.

Chapter 16 - Obligation of the praying person to reply to a salam given to him by a Muslim, in the same manner it was spoken to him

Chapter 35 - Dislike of resisting sleep, and salat with drowsiness