ابواب الأسآر

Chapters on the As'ar (pl. of su'r, remainder, e.g. the leftover of water from which an animal has drunk)

Chapter 1 - Su’r of the dog and the pig

Chapter 2 - Su’r of the cat

Chapter 3 - Su'r of non-Muslims

Chapter 4 - As'ar of birds

Chapter 5 - As'ar of the rest of the animals

Chapter 6 - Su’r of the jallal

Chapter 7 - Su’r of the junub

Chapter 8 - Su’r of the menstruating woman

Chapter 9 - Su’r of the mouse, the snake, the lizard, the gecko, the scorpion, and what is similar to it, and of the beetle

Chapter 10 - Su’r of creatures that do not have coursing blood

Chapter 11 - Dough that is kneaded from najis water