Breakers of the wudu

أبواب نواقض الوضوء

Chapters on the Breakers of the Wudu

Chapter 1 - Wudu is not broken by doubt

Chapter 2 - Urination, defecation, flatulence, and janaba

Chapter 3 - Sleep

Chapter 4 - The ruling of what removes the intellect from fainting, insanity, intoxication, and other than it

Chapter 5 - What exits from the posterior of the tapeworm and worms

Chapter 6 - Vomiting, belching, laughter, guffawing, and the rumbling noise in the stomach

Chapter 7 - Nosebleeds, cupping, and the exiting of blood

Chapter 8 - The recitation of poetry

Chapter 9 - Kissing and physical contact with women that falls short of intercourse

Chapter 10 - Coming in contact with urine and excrement

Chapter 11 - Touching the dog and the kafir

Chapter 12 - Madhi, wadhi, and wadi

Chapter 13 - Doubtful liquids that come out after urination or ejaculation

Chapter 14 - Cutting the nails, trimming hair, and shaving the head

Chapter 15 - Cooked food, meat, milk, cooking fat, and animal urines

Chapter 16 - Inserting a medicine

Chapter 17 - Killing insects while in salat

Chapter 18 - Someone who did wudu and prayed but had forgotten to wash their penis after urinating

Chapter 19 - Someone who suffers from incontinence