Ghusl of touching the deceased

Chapters on the Ghusl of Touching the Deceased Person

Chapter 1 - Obligation of the ghusl by touching the deceased human after his becoming cold, and prior to his being given ghusl, and the dislike of touching him at that time

Chapter 2 - Touching a cut off part or bone of a deceased person

Chapter 3 - Touching the deceased person before they become cold, after their ghusl, and kissing them

Chapter 4 - The ghusl not being obligatory for the one who bore the deceased to his grave, inserted him into it, or touched his garments

Chapter 5 - Kissing the deceased

Chapter 6 - The ghusl is only from touching a deceased human being, not a dead animal

Chapter 7 - The ghusl of touching the deceased is as the ghusl of janaba