Ghusl of Janaba

أبواب الجنابة

Chapters on Janaba

Chapter 1 - Obligation of the ghusl of janaba

Chapter 2 - Obligation of the ghusl from janaba, and its non-obligation from urine

Chapter 3 - Non-obligation of the ghusl upon one who clips his nails or his mustache or shaves his head

Chapter 4 - Non-obligation of the ghusl by the exiting of madhi and its like

Chapter 5 - Non-obligation of the ghusl by the contacting of semen with the body

Chapter 6 - Obligation of the ghusl upon the man and the women with vaginal intercourse until the glans disappears whether he ejaculates or not

Chapter 7 - Obligation of the ghusl with ejaculation, in wake or in sleep, man or woman, with intercourse or without

Chapter 10 - A man who wakes to find semen on him but does not remember having had a nocturnal emission

Chapter 11 Non-obligation of the ghusl with non-vaginal sexual intercourse without ejaculation

Chapter 13 - If semen comes out after the ghusl

Chapter 15 - Permissibility of the junub passing through the mosques – but not sitting in them – save for the two Mosques

Chapter 18 - The ruling of the junub touching something upon which is the name of Allah and the white dirhams, and for his touching of the writing of the Quran and what is apart from that of the Quran

Chapter 19 - Permissibility of the qira’at of the junub, the ha’id (menstruating woman), and the nafsa (woman undergoing post-partum bleeding) what is apart from the four `aza’im, and the dislike of exceeding seven ayat for the junub, and its emphasis (of dislike) for what exceeds seventy ayat

Chapter 22 - Dyeing while in the state of janaba, and becoming junub while dyeing

Chapter 25 - Sleeping while junub

Chapter 26 - The manner of doing the ghusl of janaba, in steps or by immersion, and a summary of their rules

Chapter 33 - Ghusl suffices from the wudu

Chapter 36 - Urinating prior to the ghusl of janaba and doubtful liquids after it

Chapter 43 - When multiple aghsal convene upon the person a single ghusl suffices for them all

Chapter 47 - Doing ghusl without a waistcloth, and in front of one’s wife