Mixed Water

أبواب الماء المضاف والمستعمل

Chapters on mixed and secondhand water

Chapter 1 - Mixed water being unusable for doing wudu

Chapter 2 - The ruling of nabidh and milk

Chapter 3 - The ruling of rose water

Chapter 4 - Washing by saliva

Chapter 5 - Najasa of the mixed water by coming contact with najasa

Chapter 6 - Water in a vessel warmed by the sun

Chapter 7 - Warmed water for ghusl

Chapter 8 - Water used in doing wudu is both pure and purifying

Chapter 9 - The ruling of water used for ghusl

Chapter 10 - Sprinkling four handfuls of water when one fears the return of the water of the ghusl or the wudu  to oneself

Chapter 12 - The water of hot springs in the mountains

Chapter 13 - Tahara of the water used in istinja

Chapter 14 - Doing wudu with the leftover water from the washroom