Personal hygiene

أبواب آداب الحمام والتنظيف والزينة
وهي مقدمة الغسل 

Chapters on the Etiquette of the Hammam, Cleansing, and Adornment

and it is the preliminary of the ghusl

Chapter 1 - Obligation of covering the private from the sight of others and not looking at their's, except for whom it is allowed
Chapter 3 - Covering one’s private in the hammam and not looking at that of someone else
Chapter 4 - Boundary of the private which is obligatory to cover
Chapter 5 - Covering the navel and the knees and what is between them with the waistcloth in the hammam
Chapter 6 - Looking at the private of a non-Muslim
Chapter 7 - Doing ghusl naked in front of one’s wife’s servant
Chapter 8 - Forbiddance of the private of the believer as a metaphor
Chapter 9 - Not to enter the hammam except with a waist cloth
Chapter 10 - Not to enter rivers or do ghusl under the sky without a waistcloth
Chapter 11 - No harm in doing ghusl without a waistcloth when no one sees you
Chapter 12 - Entering the hammam with one’s slave girls
Chapter 13 - Supplications and etiquette for the hammam
Chapter 14 - Giving salaam in the hammam
Chapter 15 - Reciting the Quran in the hammam, and having sexual intercourse in it
Chapter 16 - Not to give permission to one’s wife to go to the hammam
Chapter 17 - Eating something before entering the hammam
Chapter 18 - The nura can serve as a cover of the private
Chapter 19 - Wearing a turban upon exiting the hammam
Chapter 20 - Not to recline in the hammam, and not to use earthenware to rub oneself with
Chapter 21 - Regarding a father and son being in the hammam together, and not to look at the private of the other
Chapter 22 - Not having to be alone in the hammam
Chapter 23 - Not to wash one’s head with clay
Chapter 24 - Greetings and responses for one who has exited the hammam
Chapter 25 - Washing the head with marsh mallow
Chapter 26 - Washing the head with lote
Chapter 27 - Making the hammam hot before entering it
Chapter 28 - Virtue of the nura
Chapter 29 - Taking some nura with one’s finger, smelling it, putting it on the tip of the nose and praying for benedictions upon Sulayman عليه السلام
Chapter 30 - Recommended supplication for depilating with the nura
Chapter 31 - Having someone else depilate you, except for the area of the private
Chapter 32 - Desirability of depilating even if one has already done it not long ago
Chapter 33 - The Sunna being to depilate with the nura in every fifteen days
Chapter 34 - Depilating in summer
Chapter 35 - Dyeing the whole body with henna after the nura
Chapter 36 - Applying henna to the hands or fingernails after the nura
Chapter 37 - Permissibility of standing while urinating when depilating
Chapter 38 - Rubbing oneself with farina moistened with oil after the nura
Chapter 39 - Wearing a waistcloth over the nura
Chapter 40 - Not to use the nura on Wednesdays
Chapter 41 - Desirability of dyeing
Chapter 43 - Not to have the dye come out
Chapter 44 - Dyeing grey hair
Chapter 45 - Dyeing the head and the beard
Chapter 46 - Dyeing with black
Chapter 47 - Dyeing with yellow, red, and black
Chapter 48 - Dyeing with katam
Chapter 49 - Dyeing with wasima
Chapter 50 - Dyeing with henna
Chapter 51 - Dyeing with henna and katam
Chapter 52 - Dislike of a woman abandoning self-beautification
Chapter 54 - Virtue of kohl
Chapter 55 - Applying kohl with antimony
Chapter 56 - Applying kohl in an odd-numbered fashion
Chapter 57 - Applying kohl at night before going to bed
Chapter 59 - Virtue of hair removal
Chapter 60 - Shaving the head for men
Chapter 61 - Not to shave the nape and leave the rest of the head, and the virtue of shaving the back
Chapter 62 - Parting the hair
Chapter 63 - Trimming the beard
Chapter 64 - Not to put one's hand in one's beard a lot
Chapter 65 - Cutting off what is more than a handful from the beard
Chapter 66 - Clipping the mustache
Chapter 67 - Impermissibility of shaving the beard
Chapter 68 - Removing nasal hair
Chapter 69 - Virtue of combing the head
Chapter 70 - Virtue of the comb
Chapter 71 - Combing before every salat
Chapter 72 - Using an ivory comb
Chapter 73 - Virtue of combing the beard
Chapter 74 - Not comb while standing, rather while sitting
Chapter 75 - Passing the comb on the chest after combing the head and beard
Chapter 76 - Combing the beard seventy times, or forty seven times
Chapter 77 - Burying hair, nails, teeth, and blood
Chapter 78 - Virtue of taking care of one’s hair
Chapter 79 - Cutting and plucking grey hair
Chapter 80 - Desirability of clipping the nails and the dislike of abandoning it
Chapter 81 - Women leaving their nails longer than men
Chapter 82 - Not to clip one's nails with one's teeth, and not to eat one's beard with them
Chapter 83 - Beginning by clipping the nail of the left little finger and ending with the right little finger
Chapter 84 - Desirability of removing the armpit hair and the dislike of lengthening it
Chapter 85 - Preferability of depilating the armpit over shaving it, and shaving it over plucking it, and the dislike of plucking it
Chapter 86 - Not to leave the pubic hair over a certain amount of days
Chapter 87 - Not to lengthen the mustache, the pubic hair or the armpit hair
Chapter 88 - If one cut one’s hair but did not wipe it with water afterwards and then prayed
Chapter 89 - Desirability of perfume
Chapter 90 - Desirability of perfuming the mustache
Chapter 91 - Desirability of perfuming oneself at the beginning of the day
Chapter 92 - Spending in perfume
Chapter 93 - Perfume of men and perfume of women
Chapter 94 - Not to decline perfume when given
Chapter 95 - Musk, as a perfume, in ointment and in food and sniffing it
Chapter 96 - Ghaliya perfume
Chapter 97 - Types of perfume
Chapter 98 - Khaluq perfume
Chapter 99 - How naduh is rendered lawful
Chapter 100 - Virtue of fumigating
Chapter 102 - Virtue of anointing
Chapter 103 - Anointing by night
Chapter 104 - A supplication for anointing
Chapter 115 - Virtue of myrtle