Rules of the washroom

أبواب أحكام الخلوة

Chapters on the Rules of the Washroom

Chapter 1 - Covering the private (`awra) and not looking at the private of a non-permitted Muslim

Chapter 2 - Not facing the qibla and turning one’s back to the qibla or the wind while using the washroom

Chapter 3 - Covering the head while using the washroom

Chapter 4 - To keep the privy distant

Chapter 5 - Supplications in relation to using the washroom

Chapter 6 - Not to talk while using the washroom

Chapter 7 - Doing dhikr of Allah while using the washroom

Chapter 8 - Repeating what the mu’adhdhin says, even if one is using the washroom

Chapter 9 - Obligation to do istinja and remove najasat for salat

Chapter 10 - Someone who forgot to do istinja until they did wudu and prayed

Chapter 11 - Doing istibra after urinating for men prior to istinja

Chapter 12 - Not to do istinja with the right hand

Chapter 13 - The sufficient quantity of water for istinja

Chapter 14 - Where to begin with istinja

Chapter 15 - A number of places to stay away from for taking care of one’s need of the washroom

Chapter 16 - Not to defecate on or between graves, not to hasten it, and a number of things to avoid

Chapter 17 - Wearing a ring with the name of Allah engraved on it while using the washroom, doing istinja, and having intercourse with it on, or a dirham and dinar upon which is the name of Allah

Chapter 18 - As a reminder for man

Chapter 19 - What to say to the two guardian angels on entering the privy

Chapter 20 - Not to prolong sitting on the toilet

Chapter 21 - Not to use the siwak in the privy

Chapter 22 - Seeking an elevated place or an area with much dirt for urinating

Chapter 23 - The importance of safeguarding oneself from urine and not disregarding it

Chapter 24 - Not to urinate in stagnant or running water

Chapter 25 - Not to face the sun or the moon while using the washroom

Chapter 26 - What suffices of the pouring of water in istinja from urine

Chapter 27 - Flatulence and istinja

Chapter 28 - One need only wash from whence a hadath occurred

Chapter 29 - Only necessary to wash what is apparent, not the inside

Chapter 30 - Wiping with stones for the istinja from excrement

Chapter 31 - Washing oneself with water after urinating

Chapter 32 - Not having to wash what is between the two areas of exit in istinja

Chapter 33 - Not to urinate standing

Chapter 34 - Virtue of using water for istinja

Chapter 35 - Not to do istinja with bones or dung, and its permissibility with rags, clods of cohesive clay, and the kursuf

Chapter 37 - Sitting in isjtinja as one sits for defecation

Chapter 38 - Dislike of the freewoman washing the private of her husband, unless due to illness

Chapter 39 - The virtue of washing and eating a morsel of bread found in the privy after one exits

Chapter 40 - Forbiddance of using bread for istinja