Translator’s note: the siwak/miswak, made from a twig of the salvadora persica tree, is used for cleaning the teeth with

Chapter 1 - Virtue of the siwak

Chapter 2 - Not to abandon the siwak

Chapter 3 - Using the siwak at every wudu

Chapter 4 - If one forgot to use the siwak before doing wudu, and rinsing the mouth after using the siwak

Chapter 5 - Using the siwak at every salat

Chapter 6 - Using the siwak when one gets up from sleep at night

Chapter 7 - Using the siwak and the recitation of the Quran

Chapter 8 - Using the siwak breadthways, and that it is from twigs

Chapter 9 - Brushing the teeth with one’s finger as the least but sufficient form of siwak

Chapter 10 - Leaving off the siwak due to weakness of the teeth

Chapter 11 - Not to use the siwak in the hammam

Chapter 12 - Using the siwak while fasting