أبواب التيمّم

Chapters on Tayammum

Chapter 1 - Extent of the obligation of seeking water

Chapter 2 - Non-obligation of seeking out water when there is a fear of danger in doing so

Chapter 3 - Permissibility of tayammum due to the absence of connection to the water such as a well or a crowd

Chapter 4 - Obligation to do tayammum when the water is najis or of suspected najasa

Chapter 5 - Doing tayammum in place of ghusl due to an illness or injury that prevents the safe utilization of water

Chapter 6 - Not to do tayammum using dirt that has been tread on or from the road

Chapter 7 - The earth has been made a purifier

Chapter 8 - Whether it is permissible to do tayammum with plaster, nura, ash and trees

Chapter 9 - Doing tayammum with the dust from a garment, a saddle, and such, in a case of necessity, and the impermissibility of using snow or ice for tayammum

Chapter 10 - Using snow for tahara instead of tayammum if possible

Chapter 11 - Method of the tayammum

Chapter 12 - How many strikes of the hands on the ground for tayammum

Chapter 13 - Bound of the wiping in the tayammum

Chapter 14 - Whether one who has prayed with tayammum is to repeat their salat upon finding water

Chapter 15 - When the density of the crowd prevents one from exiting to do wudu

Chapter 16 - If someone does tayammum in place of ghusl out of fear of harm from the cold

Chapter 17 - The necessity of doing ghusl, even in severe circumstances, if one became junub intentionally

Chapter 18 - When the water does not suffice for both the junub and a group who require wudu, and the junub and the deceased who requires ghusl

Chapter 19 - Obtaining water breaks the tayammum

Chapter 20 - Whether a single tayammum suffices for multiple prayers throughout the night and day

Chapter 21 - When water becomes available while one is already in salat

Chapter 22 - Doing tayammum is delayed until the end of the time for the salat

Chapter 23 - Whatever is allowed for one purified by water is allowed for one purified by tayammum

Chapter 24 - When the junub only has enough water for a wudu

Chapter 25 - When the junub only has enough water for drinking, fearing thirst

Chapter 26 - Purchasing water for purification

Chapter 27 - Having intercourse during a journey when one does not have water

Chapter 28 - Not to reside in a place where there is no available water

Chapter 29 - Shaking the hands off after striking the ground with them before wiping

Chapter 30 - Whether a person in najis clothing and tayammum later repeats the salat

Chapter 31 - Tayammum and exiting for the junub and menstruating woman from the two Sacred Mosques