أبواب الوضوء

Chapters on the Wudu

Chapter 1 - Its being obligatory for salat

Chapter 2 - Forbiddance of salat without wudu, even when in taqiyya

Chapter 3 - Forgetting to do an obligatory part of the wudu

Chapter 4 - Obligation of the wudu at the beginning of the time of salat, and that the beginning of the time of salat is the best

Chapter 5 - Obligation of the wudu for the tawaf and its recommendation for the other acts of hajj

Chapter 6 - Doing wudu for the carrying out of one’s need

Chapter 7 - Sufficiency of a single wudu for all of the prayers so long as it has not been broken

Chapter 8 - Renewing the wudu, without there having been a hadath, for every salat, especially for maghrib, `isha, and fajr

Chapter 9 - Going to bed while upon purity

Chapter 10 - Wudu for entering the mosque

Chapter 11 - Dislike of sleeping while junub until one does wudu

Chapter 12 - Wudu for touching the writing of the Quran

Chapter 14 - The menstruating woman doing wudu and dhikr at the time of every salat

Chapter 15 - How to perform the wudu

Chapter 16 - Du`a for the various parts of wudu and its preliminaries, and the permissibility of commanding someone else to fetch the water of wudu

Chapter 17 - Bound of the face that must be washed, and non-obligation of washing the temples

Chapter 18 - Whether the ears are included in the wudu

Chapter 19 - Starting the washing of the arms from the elbows

Chapter 20 - Wiping forwards or backwards

Chapter 21 - If someone forgot to wipe their head and they entered the salat

Chapter 22 - What part of the head is to be wiped

Chapter 23 - How much of the head and feet are to be wiped

Chapter 24 - The minimum of what suffices for the wiping

Chapter 25 - Wiping the feet

Chapter 26 - Pronouncing the name of Allah for the wudu, du`a for it, and pronounce the name for eating, drinking and putting on clothing

Chapter 27 - How many times to wash the hands from different ahdath before inserting them in the water for the wudu

Chapter 28 - If the hand has not become najis, it is not obligatory to wash it prior to insertion in the water

Chapter 29 - The mouth-rinsing (al-madmada) and the nose-rinsing (al-istinshaq) prior to the wudu

Chapter 30 - Slapping the face with the water in the wudu

Chapter 31 - The number of washings

Chapter 32 - Performing wudu in accordance with the method of the opponents out of taqiyya

Chapter 33 - The parts of the wudu are to be done consecutively to each other

Chapter 34 - Obligation of following the correct order in wudu, and beginning with the right

Chapter 35 - If someone did not follow the correct order

Chapter 36 - The rain washing oneself sufficing for the wudu

Chapter 37 - Wiping on the head when there is henna dye on it, and the woman wiping on her veil

Chapter 38 - Wiping upon the khuffayn

Chapter 39 - How do to act when one has a splint covering a wound in a place of the wudu

Chapter 41 - Wearing a ring, a bracelet, or an armlet while doing wudu

Chapter 42 - Doubt about having performed a part of the wudu

Chapter 44 - Doubt about whether one has broken their wudu

Chapter 45 - Drying oneself after the wudu

Chapter 46 - Whether one need wash under the hair in the wudu

Chapter 47 - Dislike of receiving help in performing the wudu

Chapter 48 - Having another person perform tahara on oneself when one is incapacitated

Chapter 49 - How a person with an amputed limb is to do wudu

Chapter 50 - Quantity of water for the wudu and the ghusl

Chapter 52 - Not to be wasteful in the amount of water used for wudu, and that as long as the skin is touched by the water it suffices

Chapter 53 - Keeping the eyes open during the wudu

Chapter 54 - Performing the wudu thoroughly

Chapter 55 - Not to do wudu from a vessel with images or silver

Chapter 57 - Performing wudu in the mosque