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Means of Earning

أبواب ما يكتسب به

Chapters on What One Earns By

Chapter 1 - Forbiddance of earning by forbidden means

Chapter 4 - When lawful wealth is mixed with the unlawful, and that acts of piety are not valid from ill-gotten wealth

Chapter 5 - Forbiddance of the wage of the prostitute, and the selling of wine, nabidh, the dead animal, non-hunting dogs, usury, bribery, soothsaying, and a sum of things that are unlawful to transact in

Chapter 6 - Permissibility of selling oil and clarified butter in which a mouse or rat has died as a means of lighting when the buyer is informed

Chapter 9 - Earnings of the cupper

Chapter 12 - Letting a billy goat on hire

Chapter 13 - Virtue of cupping and its etiquette

Chapter 14 - The sale of dogs, and the sale of cats

Chapter 15 - Earnings of the songstress

Chapter 17 - Earnings of the wailing woman

Chapter 18 - Circumcision of girls and its etiquette

Chapter 19 - Earnings of the hairdresser

Chapter 21 - Disliked professions

Chapter 26 - Divination, fortune-telling and physiognomancy

Chapter 31 - Purchasing and selling the codex (musHaf, pl. masaHif) of the Quran

Chapter 32 - Writing the Quran only in black ink, and not by gold, and for it not to be erased or written by spit

Chapter 35 - Gambling

Chapter 40 - The sale of feces

Chapter 44 - Companionship to the oppressors and loving their remaining

Chapter 47 - Wealth acquired by working for an oppressor

Chapter 53 - Purchasing from an oppressor

Chapter 94 - Images of living things

Chapter 99 - Singing (al-ghina)

Chapter 102 - Chess (ash-shatranj)

Chapter 103 - Attending chess games even if one is not playing it

Chapter 104 - Backgammon (an-nard) and other types of gambling