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Usury (Riba)

Chapter 1 - Forbiddance of usury

Chapter 2 - Establishment of kufr and execution by the deeming of usury to be lawful

Chapter 3 - Permissibility of the consumption of compensation for a gift, even if it is more

Chapter 4 - Forbiddance of taking usury or giving it, and being its scribe or witness

Chapter 5 - If a man consumes usury out of ignorance, then repents, or he inherits wealth in which there is usury

Chapter 6 - Usury not being but in what is measured or weighed

Chapter 7 - Usury between the man and his child, the husband and his wife, the master and his slave, the Muslim and the people of war, the dhimmi and the mushrik

Chapter 8 - Wheat and barley

Chapter 9 - Flour and sawiq

Chapter 10 - Exchanging barley or dates for wheat

Chapter 11 - Selling meat in exchange for the living animal

Chapter 12 - Establishment of usury by a loan with the condition of benefit, even if by attribute

Chapter 13 - The sale by exchange of two different types of goods, and sale on credit and advance payment

Chapter 14 - Dry dates by fresh dates, and raisins by grapes

Chapter 15 - Impermissibility of quantitative disparity in trade of goods of the same kind, even if one of them is better

Chapter 16 - Non-forbiddance of usury in what is counted

Chapter 17 - Sale by exchange of non-measured, non-weighed goods, such as riding animals and clothing, equally or with quantitative difference, on the spot or by credit

Chapter 18 - Permissibility of accepting extra return upon a loan when it has not been stipulated

Chapter 19 - Selling yarn in exchange for woven clothing

Chapter 20 - Exchange of an unequal amount of dirhams by the addition of copper or gold