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Zakat al-Fitra

Chapter 1 - The obligation of the fitra

Chapter 2 - Whether the fitra is upon the needy

Chapter 3 - How the poor may give the fitra

Chapter 4 - The fitra is obligatory upon everyone upon whom the zakat is obligatory

Chapter 5 - Rendering the fitra from oneself and all who one supports, young or old, free or slave, male or female, Muslim or non-Muslim, and one’s guest

Chapter 6 - The amount of foodstuffs to given as fitra per person one is responsible for

Chapter 7 - Charity of a man in the desert for whom the zakat is not possible

Chapter 8 - Using the customary food of a people for the fitra

Chapter 9 - Giving the fitra as money

Chapter 10 - Preferability of dates as fitra

Chapter 11 - The newborn who is born on the night of `Eid al-Fitr and the person who accepts Islam on it

Chapter 12 - Time of giving the fitra

Chapter 13 - Setting the fitra aside until finding someone worthy of it

Chapter 14 - The fitra being for the poor

Chapter 15 - Giving the fitra to non-Shi`as

Chapter 16 - Not to give a person less than a full amount of a single fitra, but the permissibility of giving him more than one, while it is better to separate it

Chapter 17 - Whether the mukatab is to pay his own fitra or whether his master is to do so

Chapter 18 - Jointly owned slaves and the fitra from them

Chapter 19 - A person giving the fitra from his dependents while they are absent from him, and vice versa