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Be loyal to ʿAlī

A poem the Sayyid extemporized in the last moments of his life

كذب الزاعمون أن عليا لن ينجي محبه من هنات

قد وربي دخلت جنة عدن وعفا لي الإله عن سيئاتي

فابشروا اليوم أولياء علي وتولوا علي حتى الممات

ثم من بعده تولوا بنيه واحدا بعد واحد بالصفات

The claimers have lied that ʿAlī will never save his lover from evil calamities

I have – by my Lord – entered the Garden of Eden, and the Divine has pardoned for me my sins

So rejoice today, loyalists of ʿAlī, and be loyal to ʿAlī until death

Then after him be loyal to his sons, one after one, with the qualities