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O son of the legatee

Regarding the occultation of Ibn al-Ḥanafiyya and awaiting his parousia

أيا شعب رضوى ما لمن بك لا يرى فحتى متى تخفى وأنت قريب

يا بن الوصي ويا سمي محمد وكنيه نفسي عليك تذوب

فلو غاب عنا عمر نوح لايقنت منا النفوس بأنه سيؤوب

O valley of Raḍwā what ails the one who is with you that is not seen, so till when will you be concealed while you are close

O son of the legatee, O namesake of Muḥammad and bearer of his kunya, my soul sheds tears over you

So were he to be a hidden from us for the lifetime of Noah, from us would the souls be certain that he shall return