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The chosen legatee

In praise of the Commander of the Believers

سماه جبار السما صراط حق فسمى

فقال في الذكر وما كان حديثا يفترى

هذا صراطي فاتبعوا وعنهم لا تخدعوا

فخالفوا ما سمعوا والخلف ممن شرعا

واجتمعوا واتفقوا وعاهدوا ثم التقوا

إذا مات عنهم وبقوا أن يهدموا ما قد بنى

له البساط إذ سرى وفتية الكهف دعا

فما أجابوا في الندا سوى الوصي المرتضى

The Compeller of Heaven named him a path of truth so He named

So He said in the remembrance, and it is not a tale forged

This is My path, so do follow, and from them do not be deceived

So they opposed what they had heard, and the breach was from what they twain had prescribed

And they convened and agreed and vowed, then they met

When he died from them and they remained, that they would destroy what he had built

For him was the carpet when he traveled by night, and the youth of the cave called

So they did not respond to the call, save for the chosen legatee