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The guardians of Truth

When Muḥammad b. ʿAlī b. al-Nuʿman (known as Shayṭān al-Ṭāq by his opponents, and Mu’min al-Ṭāq by the Imāmiyya) argued with the Sayyid regarding the Imamate, and Muḥammad prevailed over him in the argument about Ibn al-Ḥanafiyya's Imamate, the Sayyid said:

ألا يا أيها الجدل المعني لنا ما نحن ويحك والعناء

اتبصر ما نقول وأنت كهل تراك عليك من ورع رداء

ألا أن الأئمة من قريش ولاة الحق أربعة سواء

علي والثلاثة من بنيه هم أسباطة والأوصياء

فأنى في وصيته إليهم يكون الشك منا والمراء

بهم أوصاهم ودعا إليهم جميع الخلق لو سمع الدعاء

فسبط سبط إيمان وحلم وسبط غيبته كربلاء

سقي جدثا تضمنه ملث هتوف الرعد مرتجز رواء

تظل مظلة منها عزال عليه وتغتدي أخرى ملاء

وسبط لا يذوق الموت حتى يقود الخيل يقدمها اللواء

من البيت المحجب في سراةٍ شراة لف بينهم الأخاء

عصائب ليس دون أغر أجلي بمكة قائم لهم انتهاء

Indeed O troublesome disputer, for us be what we are, woe be to you and trouble

Will you see what we say while you are old, you will see that upon you of piety be a robe

Indeed the Imams from Quraysh, the guardians of Truth are four alike

‘Alī and three from his sons, they are grandsons and the legatees

So how can there be in his testament to them doubt from us and uncertainty

In them he bequeathed and to them he called all of the creation, had they but heard the call

So a grandson, a grandson of faith and clemency, and a grandson who Karbala made to disappear

Given to drink a tomb, torrential rain containing it, crying thunder thundering sweet water

Shaded by a shade, from it a spout upon it, and eating the morning meal by another fill

And a grandson who shall not taste death until he steers the horses and the banner precedes it

From the veiled house in a highest part goodly to behold, folded between them, the brotherhood, are

Bands, not less than most noble, most notable, in Mecca standing for them to an end