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The house of the message and prophecy

In praise of the People of the House in general, and of the Command of the Believers specifically

بيت الرسالة والنبوة والذين نعدهم لذنوبنا شفعاء

الطاهرين الصادقين العا لمين السادة النجباء

إني علقت بحبهم متمسكا ارجو بذاك من الإله رضاء

أسواهم أبغي لنفسي قدوة لا والذي فطر السماء سماء

من كان أول من أباد بسيفه كفار بدر واستباح دماء

من ذاك نوه جبرئيل باسمه في يوم بدر يسمعون نداء

لا سيف إلا ذوالفقار ولا فتى إلا علي رفعة وعلاء

من أنزل الرحمن فيهم هل أتى لما تحدوا للنذور وفاء

من خمسة جبريل سادسهم وقد مد النبي على الجميع عباء

من ذا بخاتمه تصدق راكعا فاثابه ذو العرش عنه ولاء

يا راية جبريل سار أمامها قدما واتبعها النبي دعاء

الله فضله بها ورسوله والله ظاهر عنده اللألاء

من ذا تشاغل بالنبي وغسله ورأى عن الدنيا بذاك عزاء

من كان اعلمهم واقضاهم ومن جعل الرعية والرعاة سواء

من كان باب مدينة العلم الذي ذكر النزول وفسر الأنباء

من كان أخطبهم وانطقهم ومن قد كان يشفي قوله البرحاء

من كان أنزعهم من الأشراك أو للعلم كان البطن منه حفاء

من ذا الذي أمروا إذا اختلفوا بأن يرضوا به في أمرهم قضاء

من قيل لولاه ولولا علمه هلكوا وعانوا فتنة صماء

من كان أرسله النبي بسورة في الحج كانت فيصلا وقضاء

من ذا الذي أوصى إليه محمد يقضي العدات فانفذ الإيصاء

من ذا الذي حمل النبي برأفة ابنيه حتى جاوز الغمصاء

من قال نعم الراكبان هما ولم يكن الذي قد كان منه خفاء

من ذا مشى في لمع برق ساطع إذ راح من عند النبي عشاء

The house of the message and prophecy, and those who we deem as intercessors for our sins

The pure ones, the truthful ones, the learned ones, the highborn masters

Indeed I have hung myself to their love clinging on, hoping by that for contentment from the Divine

 Is there apart from them an example more desirous to my soul?  No, by the One who created Heaven as a heaven

Who was the first who by his sword annihilated the unbelievers of Badr and deemed lawful bloods

Who was that who Gabriel commended by his name in the day of Badr, them hearing the call of

“There is no sword but Dhu ‘l-Fiqār and there is no youth but ʿAlī”, raised and exalted

Who regarding them did the Beneficent send down “Has there come” when they vied for the vows in fulfillment

Who are five that Gabriel is their sixth and who the Prophet extended a cloak upon all

Who was the one who gave charity by his ring while in rukūʿ, so the Possessor of the Throne rewarded him from it in loyalty

O banner, Gabriel marched forward before it, and the Prophet followed it with a prayer

God favored him with it and His Messenger, and God aided, with him is joyful illumination

Who was that who was occupied with the Prophet and his washing, and from the world saw by that condolence

Who was their most knowledgeable and their most judicious, and who made the shepherded and the shepherd equal

Who was the gate of the city of knowledge that mentioned the revelation and explained the tidings

Who was their most exhorting and their most articulate, and who that his utterance would cure distress

Who was their most removed from the snares, or for knowledge, the inside of it, was privy 

Who was it that they were commanded that when they differed they were to be pleased with him in their affair in judgment

Who was it said that were it not for him, and were it not for his knowledge, they would have been destroyed and suffered a tribulation as ones deaf

Who was it that the Prophet sent with a sūra in the ḥajj that was decisive and of judgment

Who was the one to whom Muḥammad bequeathed, carrying out the promises and implementing the bequests

Who was the one who the Prophet bore with clemency his two sons until he passed the one who despised

Who said what excellent riders they are, and it was not the one from whom there was a secret

Who was the one who walked in the luminance of a shining brightness when he left from the Prophet at night