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The namesake of our Prophet

When asked about his madhhab, the Sayyid recited the following famous poem:

سمي نبينا لم يبق منهم سواه فعنده حصل الرجاء

تغيب غيبة من غير موت ولا قتل وسار به القضاء

وبين الوحش يرعى في رياض من الأفاق مرتعها خلاء

فحل فما بها بشر سواه بعقوته له عسل وماء

إلى وقت ومدة كل وقت وإن طالت عليه لها انقضاء

فقل للناصب الهادي ضلالا تقوم وليس عندهم غناء

فداء لابن خولة كل نذل يطيف به وأنت له فداء

كأنا بابن خولة عن قريب ورب العرش يفعل ما يشاء

يهز دوين عين الشمس سيفا كلمع البرق أخلصه الجلاء

تشبه وجهه قمرا منيرا يضيء له إذا طلع السناء

فلا يخفي على أحد بصير وهل بالشمس ضاحية خفاء

هنالك تعلم الأحزاب أنا ليوث لا ينهنهها لقاء

فندرك بالذحول بني أمي وفي ذاك الذحول لهم فناء

The namesake of our Prophet, none remain from them alike to him, and with him is the obtaining of hope

He has been absent by an occultation without death or killing, and with him has the sentence come

And between wild animals shepherding in meadows from the horizons, whose pasture is empty

So he alighted, and there is no human alike to him, by an environs with honey and water

To a time, and period, every time, even if it is prolonged upon him it has a termination

So say to the Nasib, the guide of misguidance, you stand, and there is no riches with them

A ransom for the son of Khawla, every villain circuits round him, while you are a ransom for him

As though I were near to the son of Khawla, and the Lord of the Throne does whatever He wills

Swinging a sword just below the source of the sun as the brilliance of lighting, the manifest making him clear

His face is as an illuminating moon, shining for him when the splendor rises

So upon none of vision is he concealed, and does the sun have a veiled outskirt

Over there the factions know that we are strong lions, no encounter restraining it

So we reach the malice of the sons of Umayya, and in that malice be for them extinction