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The people of the cloak are my beloveds

The Sayyid had been raised as an Ibāḍī, a sect of the Khawārij, and so rejected it and the religion of his family in becoming a Shīʿa of the People of the House

ولقد عجبت لقائل لي مرة علامة فهم من الفهماء

اهجرت قومك طاعنا في دينهم وسلكت غير مسالك الفقهاء

هلا فرجت بحب آل محمد حب الجميع فكنت أهل وفاء

فاجبته بجواب غير مباعد للحق ملبوس عليه غطائي

أهل الكساء احبتي فهم الذين فرض الإله لهم علي ولائي

ولمن أحبهم ووالي دينهم فلهم علي مودة بصفاء

والعاندون لهم عليهم لعنتي واخصهم مني بقصد هجاء

I was astonished by a speaker to me one time, a learned man, possessed of understanding from those who understand:

You deserted your people, defaming their religion, and you traveled other than the path of the scholars

Did you not hope with the love of the family of Muhammad for the love of all, so you be worthy of loyalty

So I replied to him with a response not distant to the truth, my covering worn upon it

The people of the cloak are my beloveds, and they are the ones who the Divine has obligated their loyalty upon me

And to whoever has loved them and befriended their religion, then for them upon me be friendship in clarity

And to the obstinate, for them be my curse upon them, and from me I allot to them an intent of revile