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Aal `Imran

15-16 - "Say, 'But shall I tell you of a better thing than this?' For those who are god-fearing are gardens with their Lord, beneath which rivers flow; they shall dwell therein forever, and pure wives and grace from Allah; Allah looks on His servants, those who say, 'Lord, we believe, so pardon our sins and keep us from the torment of the Fire'

49 - "And he shall be a messenger to the Children of Israel (saying), I have come to you, with a sign from your Lord, that I will create for you out of clay as though it were the form of a bird, and I will blow thereon and it shall become a bird by the permission of Allah; and I will heal the blind and the leper; and I will bring the dead to life by the permission of Allah; and I will tell you what you eat and what you store up in your houses. Verily, in that is a sign for you if you are believers."

61 - "And whoso disputes with you after what has come to you of knowledge, say, 'Come, let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves: then we will imprecate and put the curse of Allah on the liars.'"

72 - "And a sect of the people of the Book say, 'Believe in what was revealed to those who believed at the first appearance of the day, and disbelieve it at the end thereof,' – that they may perchance go back."

103 - "And hold fast to the rope of Allah altogether, and do not divide; and remember the favors of Allah towards you, when you were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts, and on the morrow you were, by His favor, brothers. You were on the edge of a pit of fire, but He rescued you therefrom. Thus does Allah show to you His signs, perchance you may be guided."

143 - "And you were longing for death before you met it; now you have seen it, while you were beholding."

153-154 - "When you were going up, not twisting about for anyone, and the Messenger was calling you in your rear; so He rewarded you with grief on grief that you might not sorrow for what escaped you neither for what smote you; and Allah is aware of the things you do. Then He sent down upon you, after grief, security -- a slumber overcoming a party of you; and a party themselves had grieved, thinking of Allah thoughts that were not true such as the pagans thought, saying, 'Have we any part whatever in the affair?' Say: 'The affair belongs to Allah entirely.' They were concealing in their hearts that they show not to thee, saying, 'Ah, if we had had a part in the affair, never would we have been slain here.' Say: 'Even if you had been in your houses, those for whom slaying was appointed would have sallied forth unto their last couches'; and that Allah might try what was in your breasts, and that He might prove what was in your hearts; and Allah knows the thoughts in the breasts."

161 - "And it is not for a prophet to defraud, and whoever defrauds will bring what he defrauded on the day of the resurrection. Then every soul will be paid in full what it has earned.  And they shall not be wronged."

187 - "And when Allah took compact with those who had been given the Book: 'You shall announce it the people, and not conceal it.' But they cast it behind their backs and purchased thereby a paltry price -- how wretched be what they purchase."

188 - "Reckon not that those who rejoice in what they have brought, and love to be praised for what they have not done – so do not reckon them secure from punishment; for them awaits a painful punishment."