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1 - "O people, fear your Lord, who created you of a single soul, and from it created its mate, and from the pair of them scattered abroad many men and women; and fear Allah by whom you demand one of another, and the wombs; surely Allah is watching over you."

29-30 - "O you who believe, devour not your property amongst yourselves vainly, except there be trading, by your agreeing together. And do not kill yourselves; verily, Allah is compassionate unto you. But whosoever does that in transgression and wrongfully, him We shall certainly roast at a Fire; and that for Allah is an easy matter."

43 - "O you who believe, do not approach the salaat when you are intoxicated until you know what you are saying, or junub -- unless you are traversing a way -- until you have done ghusl; but if you are sick, or on a journey, or if any of you comes from the privy, or you have touched women, and you can find no water, then betake to wholesome earth and wipe your faces and your hands; Allah is All-pardoning, All-forgiving."

54 - "Or do they envy the people for what Allah has given them of His bounty? Yet We gave the people of Ibrahim the Book and the Wisdom, and We gave them a mighty kingdom."

58 - "Allah commands you to deliver trusts back to their owners; and when you judge between the people, that you judge with justice. How excellent be what Allah admonishes you by; Allah is All-hearing, All-seeing."

60 - "Do you not see those who assert that they believe in what has been revealed to you, and what was revealed before you; they wish to refer their judgment to Taghut, but they are bidden to disbelieve in him, and Shaytan desires to lead them astray into far error."

93 - "And whoever kills a believer wilfully, his recompense is Jahannam, therein dwelling forever, and Allah will be wroth with him and will curse him, and prepare for him a mighty chastisement."

103 - "So when you have performed the salat, remember Allah, standing and sitting and on your sides. Then, when you are secure, perform the salat; surely the salat is a timed prescription for the believers."

159 - "There is not one of the People of the Book but will assuredly believe in him before his death, and on the Day of the Resurrection he will be a witness against them.