بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Waqifa were a prominent section of the early Imamiyya who halted at the Imamate of Musa al-Kazhim, with the belief in his being the Qa'im and currently in occultation (ghayba), and who as such did not in general accept the Imamate of those who followed after him (i.e. `Ali al-Rida etc).  Collected here are some materials of relevance to this group whose influence would survive beyond them in the formulation a doctrinal understanding later applied to the emergent Twelver sect, as well as the substantial amount of narrations that have reached us in Twelver hadith collections through Waqifi routes.

Fii Nusrat al-Waqifa - a Waqifi hadith text extracted from Shaykh Tusi's Kitab al-Ghayba pertaining to the identity of the Qa'im, identifying him with Musa al-Kazhim, as well as responding to counter claims regarding the Imamate of al-Rida.

Minhaj al-Waqifa - a partial collection of hadiths compiling together narrations that have reached us via one or more Waqifi narrators as sourced from Wasa'il al-Shi`a.