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What the faster is to refrain from, what does not break the fast, and the time of imsak

Chapter 1 - Guarding of the tongue

Chapter 2 - Lying against Allah, His Messenger, and the Imams عليهم السلام

Chapter 3 - Not submersing oneself under water

Chapter 4 - Sexual foreplay and such which results in ejaculation

Chapter 6 - No qada for submersion under water

Chapter 8 - Kaffara for intentionally breaking the fast

Chapter 9 - Someone who forgetfully eats or drinks

Chapter 15 - One who becomes junub during the night but falls back asleep before doing ghusl till fajr

Chapter 16 - Intentionally remaining in the state of janaba until the rising of fajr

Chapter 23 - Accidentally swallowing water while rinsing the mouth

Chapter 25 - Using kohl while fasting

Chapter 27 - Entering the hammam while fasting

Chapter 28 - Using the siwak while fasting

Chapter 29 - Vomiting

Chapter 30 - Reflux that raises up food from the stomach without it being vomit

Chapter 32 - Perfuming oneself and smelling sweet basil

Chapter 33 - Kissing and physical contact

Chapter 35 - Nocturnal emissions

Chapter 36 - Chewing mastic

Chapter 44 - When one continues eating not knowing that dawn has risen

Chapter 48 - When two men differ over the onset of fajr

Chapter 49 - Fasting and certainty

Chapter 50 - Obligation of qada for one who broke their fast prematurely due to dark clouds covering the sun

Chapter 52 - Signs of when it is time to break the fast

Chapter 55 - Having madhi due to lust

Chapter 57 - Breaking one’s fast due to taqiyya