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Rules of the month of Ramadan

Chapter 2 - Execution of one who breaks fast three times during the month of Ramadan and is brought to the Imam three times

Chapter 3 - Sign of the month being the sighting of the hilal

Chapter 4 - The default duration of the fast is thirty days

Chapter 5 - Month of Ramadan may be twenty nine or thirty days and to be reckoned so when the moon is sighted

Chapter 8 - That the night precedes the day

Chapter 11 - Testimony of women in regards to the start and end of the month

Chapter 12 - Sighting of the crescent by the people of another area

Chapter 13 - When the twenty ninth night of Sha`ban is clear or cloudy

Chapter 16 - Revelation of scriptures in the month

Chapter 17 - The last ten nights

Chapter 20 - Du`a upon seeing the crescent

Chapter 21 - Du`as to be said during the month

Chapter 22 - Someone who accepts Islam within the month of Ramadan

Chapter 23 - One who dies prior to being able to do qada of the month of Ramadan

Chapter 25 - One who has qada remaining of a prior month of Ramadan when this year’s month of Ramadan reaches him

Chapter 26 - Disconnecting the qada of the month of Ramadan