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Those from whom fasting is sound

Chapter 3 - Dislike of travel in the month of Ramadan except for certain reasons

Chapter 4 - Obligation of shortening salat and breaking the fast are together

Chapter 5 - Intention to travel and setting out before fajr

Chapter 6 - Arriving from a journey before and after the zawal of the sun

Chapter 7 - Arriving prior to the zawal but having already eaten

Chapter 8 - Intercourse for one who is not fasting due to travel during the month

Chapter 10 - A vowed fast and travel

Chapter 11 - The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم did not fast in travel

Chapter 15 - The elderly who are not able to fast and the sick

Chapter 20 - Extent of sickness that requires one to break the fast

Chapter 25 - A woman who starts or ceases menstruating at daytime

Chapter 27 - Irregular bleeding (istihada)

Chapter 29 - When children are to start fasting