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Slaughter of Animals

Chapter 1 - Slaughter only done with iron

Chapter 3 - The head is the place of slaughter

Chapter 9 - If the head is entirely cut off

Chapter 10 - Permission to kill the animal with a weapon under certain circumstances

Chapter 11 - The bound of attaining the slaughter is for some motion of the animal's body

Chapter 18 - Slaughter of the embryo is the slaughter of its mother

Chapter 19 - Prohibited methods of slaughter

Chapter 26 - None but a Muslim to be trusted with the slaughter

Chapter 27 - Slaughtered animals of non-Muslims

Chapter 28 - Forbiddance of the slaughtered animal of the Nasibi

Chapter 30 - That a part cut off from a live animal is thereby carrion

Chapter 32 - Catch of fish by non-Muslims

Chapter 33 - If a fish was caught but then returned to the water and died in it

Chapter 38 - Cheese, leather, and glue not known to be carrion

Chapter 40 - Dislike of slaughtering an animal that one has raised