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Preliminaries of Worship

Chapter 1 - Pillars of worship and their obligatoriness

Chapter 2 - Obligation of following the rulings of the Ahl al-Bayt through their narrations

Chapter 3 - Desirability of intending to do good and resolving upon it

Chapter 4 - The virtue of intending good and the censure of intending evil

Chapter 5 - Sincerity in worship

Chapter 6 - Invalidation of worship by hypocritical display

Chapter 7 - Goodness in secret

Chapter 8 - The creation of man for worship

Chapter 9 - Exertion in worship and qualities of a true Shi`a

Chapter 10 - Maintaining persistence upon an act of worship

Chapter 11 - Recognizing one will always fall short in goodness, and not to deem any sin lightly

Chapter 26 - Not to overexert in the acts of worship to the point of making it hateful to oneself

Chapter 30 - Someone who was a believer then became a kafir then believed (again), his acts during his preceding faith are not nullified