Chapter 30

Someone who was a believer then became a kafir then believed (again), his acts during his preceding faith are not nullified

الحسين بن علي، عن علي بن الحكم، عن موسى بن بكر، عن زرارة، عن ابي جعفر ( عليه السلام ) قال: من كان مؤمنا فحج، وعمل في إيمانه، ثم أصابته في إيمانه فتنة، فكفر، ثم تاب، وامن، قال: يحسب له كل عمل صالح عمله في إيمانه، ولا يبطل منه شيء.

1 – [at-Tahdhib] al-Husayn b. `Ali from `Ali b. al-Hakam from Musa b. Bakr from Zurara from Abu Ja`far عليه السلام.  He said: Someone who was a believer and performed hajj, and did (acts of worship) during his faith (iman), then a fitna afflicted him in his faith and he become a kafir, then he repented and believed.  He said: Every righteous act which he did in his faith is reckoned for him, and nothing of it is nullified.