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Chapter 1 - The importance of performing salat properly in its time

Chapter 2 - Desirability of sitting in the mosques and waiting for the salat

Chapter 3 - The beginning of the time of salat is the best time

Chapter 4 - When the sun has declined from its central meridian the time of zhuhr and `asr has begun

Chapter 5 - Praying recommended prayers, whether prolonged or shortened, prior to praying zhuhr

Chapter 6 - Praying zhuhr in the beginning of its time for the traveler, and delaying it a little to combine with `asr, and likewise maghrib and `isha

Chapter 7 - Permissibility of praying a salat at the beginning of its time, its middle or its end

Chapter 8 - The times of virtue for zhuhr and `asr

Chapter 9 - Not to delay the salat of `asr

Chapter 10 - Summary of the rules of the times of the five prayers

Chapter 11 - How to determine that the sun has begun to decline

Chapter 13 - Invalidity of praying before the onset of the time of salat

Chapter 15 - Lightening its nawafil to remain in the time of virtue of zhuhr

Chapter 55 - What the halving of the night (intisaf al-layl) is recognized by