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Chapter 1 - Obligatoriness of the ghusl of menstruation (al-hayd) at its cessation

Chapter 4 - Yellowness seen before or after menstruation

Chapter 7 - Establishment of the virgin’s habit by the occurrence of two months of equal days

Chapter 8 - A girl who is beginning menstruation referring to her female relatives to determine her habit

Chapter 10 - Minimum, median and maximum of menstruation

Chapter 13 - Using precaution for the woman who possesses a habit when the blood continues past it

Chapter 17 - How to determine whether the period has finished

Chapter 25 - What is allowed of the wife for the husband while she is menstruous

Chapter 30 - Bleeding during pregnancy

Chapter 36 - The menstruating woman to do sujud upon hearing one of the four ayat of obligatory prostration of the Quran

Chapter 41 - The menstruating woman does qada of the missed fast but not of the missed salat

Chapter 42 - The menstruating woman dyeing with henna

Chapter 46 - The menstruating woman being present with the sick and dying person

Chapter 48 - If a woman begins menstruation half way through the zhuhr salat

Chapter 52 - Dyeing clothing stained by the trace of menstrual blood with red ochre