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Chapter 3 - Someone who forgot to do an obligatory part of the wudu

Chapter 8 - Desirability of renewing the wudu for maghrib even if one is already upon tahara

Chapter 12 - Touching the musHaf of the Quran without wudu

Chapter 15 - General description of how to do wudu

Chapter 16 - A recommended du`a for the acts of before and during the wudu

Chapter 23 - Wiping the top and bottom of the feet

Chapter 24 - Washing the feet in the wudu

Chapter 27 - How many times to wash the hands from different ahdath before inserting them in the water for the wudu

Chapter 29 - The mouth-rinsing (al-madmada) and the nose-rinsing (al-istinshaq)

Chapter 31 - Sufficiency of the single handful of water in the wudu, and the ruling of extra washings

Chapter 38 - Impermissibility of wiping upon the khuffayn

Chapter 45 - Permissibility of wiping one’s face with the garment after the wudu

Chapter 50 - Quantity of water for the wudu and the ghusl