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Chapter 6

The divine decree (al-qadr)

الدقاق، عن محمد بن أبي عبد الله الكوفى، عن موسى بن عمران النخعي، عن عمه الحسين بن يزيد النوفلي، عن على بن سالم، عن أبى عبد الله عليه السلام قال: سألته عن الرقى أتدفع من القدر شيئا ؟ فقال: هي من القدر، وقال عليه السلام: إن القدرية مجوس هذه الامة، وهم الذين أرادوا أن يصفوا الله بعدله فأخرجوه من سلطانه، وفيهم نزلت هذه الاية: " يوم يسحبون في النار على وجوههم ذو قوامس سقر إنا كل شئ خلقناه بقدر "

1 - [at-Tawhid] ad-Diqqaq from Muhammad b. Abi `Abdillah al-Kufi from Musa b. `Imran an-Nakh`i from his uncle al-Husayn b. Yazid an-Nawfali from `Ali b. Salim from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام.  He said: I asked him about whether the ruqa (pl. of ruqya) pushes back anything from the decree (al-qadr)?  So he said: It is from the decree.

And he عليه السلام said: The Qadariyya are the Zoroastrians of this nation, and they are those who wanted to qualify Allah with His justice so they took Him out from His (sovereign) power (sultan).  And regarding them this aya was sent down “The day when they are dragged on their faces into the Fire: 'Taste now the touch of Hell' Surely We have created everything by a decree.” (54:48-49)