بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This section holds translated source materials of relevance to the Zaydi branch of Shiism.  As with the majority of the site, the particular emphasis on translations will be in its source texts of hadiths, beginning with the Majmu` al-Fiqh (aka the Musnad Zayd), followed by other early works of relevance, including some texts translated by the Imam ar-Rassi Society which have been provided by permission.

Āmālī Aḥmad b. ʿĪsā - A very early Zaydi collection of narrations by the third century Kufan scholar Muhammad b. Mansur al-Kufi al-Muradi

Musnad Zayd b. `Ali - A book reported by Abu Khalid `Amr b. Khalid attributing its authorship to Zayd b. `Ali

al-Nasiriyyat - A collection of rulings from al-Nasir lil-Haqq al-Hasan al-Utrush as extracted from a commentary on them in al-Masa'il al-Nasiriyyat by the Twelver scholar al-Sayyid al-Murtada

Tafsir al-Hibari - Chapters from a 3rd century Zaydi tafsir of the Quran, specifically regarding verses thought to be revealed in reference to `Ali b. Abi Talib

Translations from the Imam ar-Rassi Society:

Bab Ma`rifat al-Usul -  the introductory chapter to al-Imam al-Hadi ila 'l-Haqq Yahya bin al-Husayn's Al-Muntakhab, dealing with the foundations of belief

Tajrid Madhab al-Imamayn - a summary of the legal madhhab of al-Qasim b. Ibrahim and his grandson al-Hadi by Imam al-Mu’ayyad Billah

al-Manzala Bayn al-Manzalatayn - a treatise by al-Hadi regarding the intermediate position between belief and disbelief.